Young animals develop an immune response after contact with a virus or bacteria. This is also the case in broiler. Field strains of viruses can cause clinical signs that reduce performance or even lead to severe losses. Creating a proper vaccination schedule for broiler is crucial, in order to reduce clinical signs of virus infections to a minimum. 

Gezonde vleeskuikens presteren beter (foto: GvP)
Healthy broiler are key to optimal performance (Photo: GvP)

Vaccination schedule
After evaluating infection risks in the area and performing bloodwork on virus titers, we are able to create a farm specific vaccination program. Costs of these vaccinations are easily profitable, due to improved broiler performance and reduced losses.
Aside from viral vaccines, we have extensive experience with vaccines against Escherichia coli and coccidiosis.

Blood work can be used to to evaluate the vaccination program and vaccine application. Performing PCR analysis on tracheal swabs is of additional value. We cooperate with external laboratory when specific PCR analysis is needed.

For more information on vaccinations and other questions about intestinal health in poultry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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