Good veterinary practices need a good laboratory. Although farm visits are sufficient for a likely diagnosis, the final diagnosis is often made using additional findings in the laboratory. Our lab plays a central role in our practice: bacteriology, blood work, parasitology, water quality measurements and hygiene assessments are necessities for our services.

Laboratorium GvP
Lab GvP (former facility)

In most cases pathological examination will indicate a possible pathogen, but in the case of bacterial infections a culture is needed for a proper diagnosis. Testing for antibiotic susceptibility is needed to determine the right treatment. Bacteriology can also prove useful in case of intestinal dysbacteriosis. Our semiquantitative culture method gives insight in the possible cause of dysbacteriosis.

Usually bloodwork is performed at the start or at the end of the broiler production cycle. In broiler chicks, blood work is valuable to determine maternal immunity. Bloodwork right before slaughter is crucial in finding out if the vaccination program has been adequate and if the herd suffered from any unexpected infections.
We perform in-house Gumboro (Infectious Bursal Disease) ELISA tests for all our clients to determine the optimal day for vaccination.

One of the most significant losses in poultry production are due to coccidiosis. By examining fecal probes, we are able to determine infection status per poultry house. Monitoring occurs standard during farm visits, but in certain circumstances a daily monitoring program is performed (resulting in our in house developed Coccidiogram).

Drinking water quality
More and more research indicates high quality drinking water is crucial for optimal broiler performance. We are able to perform advanced water quality analysis (biological and chemical) in our laboratory and have an extensive portable test kit as well. Farms that use acidified water, need to know how much acid to use exactly. We are able to perform titrations in order to determine that exact amount.

Hygiene monitoring
We are certified to perform hygiene monitoring for Dutch quality control systems. Aside from certification, we perform hygiene tests on regular basis to evaluate cleaning and disinfection methods. This plays an important role in our prevention and control programs against Salmonella.

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