– Problem
– Farm visit
– laboratory research
– diagnosis
– plan of action

Our services consists the following parts:
– Business coaching: required for imaging of the business and results;
– Laboratory: need for establishing a diagnosis;
-Advise: translate the diagnosis into an action plan for animal management and treatment;
– Product sales: for the treatment of the chicks or in the context of hygiene.

By laboratory research you can think of:
– Section of helathy (monitoring) or diseased chickens;
– Bacteriological and corresponding sensitivity test;
– Fertilizer research for identifying salmonella, campylobacter, coccidiosis (OPG), Clostridium;
– Blood test for the determination of virus and mycoplasma infections and entday for the Gumboro vaccine;
– Drinking water study for the total bacterial count and to determine the required amount of acid to correct the pH value;
– The taking of a hygienogram in the context of the IKB-set up.

Based on the plan of action we can do business coaching (weekly monitoring), provide vaccinations, we take the swabs for salmonella research, we provide supplements to prevent illness and we draw blood in the context of NCD control or screening for viral infections.

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