Poultry production plays an important role in the global food chain. Due to genetic progress and improvement in animal feed and husbandry, growth capacity increased in the last decennia. Although growth related health problems have decreased, broiler are still considered top athletes that need professional support in order to reach their full potential. The Health Center for Poultry (GvP) is fully specialized in providing advanced consultancy for this specific type of professional animal health care.

Life of broilers consists of a number of contiguous phases. Specific growth processes take place in each phase. In the first week the digestive tract has to adapt from yolksac absorption to utilizing feed. Development of strong skeletal tissue and excellent immunity is crucial in the following weeks. In the last phase growth of musculature plays a central role.

In order to effectively develop through the various stages, optimal circumstances have to be pursued. Every suboptimal factor reflects on animal health and thus production. As veterinary practice, we are able to effectively monitor the various stages in the broiler production cycle. Our preventive approach reduces risks to a minimum.

The Health Center for Poultry (GvP) functions as independent knowledge center for poultry farmers, hatcheries, feed suppliers and the meat processing industry. By analysis of growth, feed conversion, mortality and other parameters we are able to determine specific risk factors. By increasing general herd health and early detection of potential risks, we are able to effectively increase production results and decrease the risk of having to use antibiotics.

By optimizing broiler environment (farm management and hygiene) and investing in animal health (vaccination and supplements) production costs are often increased. However, good return on investment is achieved by better and more efficient production and reduction of (antibiotic) treatment. By providing a broad range of veterinary services GvP aims to work with farmers and other stakeholders in the industry towards a future where responsible poultry production is profitable and sustainable.